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Equity fees

People over profit.


We deeply value equity and understand that racial, economic and gender inequity are often intertwined. Our equity rates are for individuals who earn between $0 – $75,000. annually.

Equity rates are intended for people who work full time, are unemployed or underemployed, or if due to their health issues, are unable to work full time.

If you are employed, not working and/or retired and:
-have and/or live on assets
-have and/or live on investments
-have inherited/generational wealth
-own your own home

We ask that you choose the Community Comparable fee. 


All sliding scales are for each person to self identify.

If your gross household income is between:

$0 – $25,000.
$40 – $60
  (sliding scale) 

 $25,100. – $50,000. 
$60 – $90
(sliding scale)

 $50,100- $75,000
 $90 – $150
(sliding scale)

Our equity rates are intended for those individuals who are in need of healthcare and can not otherwise afford it.