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Homeopathic, functional nutrition, supplement & herbal support

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Homeopathy is a system of energetic medicine that utilizes the principal of “like” cures “like”. A plant, mineral, metal, or organic substance that will create a symptom, can also stimulate the life force to neutralize that same symptom. For example, when you chop onions and get watery eyes, in homeopathy, the remedy Allium Cepia (red onion), is used to treat hay fever and allergies with watery eyes. The homeopathic form of Allium Cepa is pure energy medicine that can neutralize energetic disturbances in the vital force. (the body) We use homeopathic remedies for all forms of trauma and mental, emotional, and physical illnesses, acute or chronic. They are completely safe for all people. There is no contraindication for using homeopathic remedies for anyone, including pregnancy and medications.

Herbal medicine utilizes the physical properties of plants to tonify organ systems and generate the healing processes over time. Keagha often suggests herbal medicine along with homeopathic remedies.

Functional Nutrition & Supplementation We use foods (nutrition) to nourish our cells, and optimize physiological function and to assist addressing the root cause of symptoms. In addtion to nutrition, we identify the proper supplement, based on the body’s deficency to optimize the function of organ systems. 

Flower Essence remedies are medicines made from the flowers of flowering plants. We use both the Edward Bach and RS Medicinals flower remedies to create individualized formulas. Flower remedies are a perfect compliment to the deep work of Core Synchronism. This method has been proven effective for releasing how we can get stuck in mental and emotional patterns.