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Core Radionics

People over profit.

Core Radionics, right for you? 

Core Radionics is a synthesis of Malcom Rae’s radionic techniques and Dr. Robert Stevens building on those understandings to offer a method of hair analysis called Core Radionics.  It is method of evaluating energy patterns of trauma, which have been imprinted upon the life force in the body. Treatments may consist of homeopathic remedies, flower remedies, color remedies, etc. These remedies are coded information that represent the exact match to the individual’s deepest unconscious traumas. The sole purpose of core radionic analysis and treatment is to identify the underlying causative imbalance (trauma) hidden within the unconsciousness of the life force. These hidden patterns of trauma often do not register when standard scientific clinical tests are run to determine the reason someone is suffering. We use a hair sample as the signature of your life force to perform the analysis.

Fees, if your household income is:

between $0 – $48,000 – $90

Between $49,000 – $80,000- $280

$81,000 and up- $450