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Ozone Therapy

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Ozone therapy

“Harnessing the power of oxygen . . . ozone is a highly active form of oxygen, and nothing stimulates the healing powers of the body more than oxygen.” Dr. Frank Shallenberger


Ozone water is drinking water that has been purified through an ozone-based sterilization process. Ozone is similar to oxygen, O2, except that it has an additional oxygen molecule making it O3. It is a form of oxygen called allotropic and is an extremely powerful oxidizing agent. 

Some uses include clearing bad bacteria from the mouth, promoting the healing of oral wounds, promoting cell growth, It kills viruses, bacteria, fungi and algae on contact. It purifies the blood by rupturing the cell wall of the microorganisms, and can be effective on tumors. 


Ozone ear insufflations allow medical grade ozone gas to penetrate through the ear to the sinus, throat and into the bloodstream. We use an ear scope that looks like a stethoscope to introduce ozone into the ear canal. The procedure is quick and painless. Some people experience the sensation of warmth in the ears or behind their eyes that lasts a few seconds.

Ozone is effective treatment for upper respiratory infections, including ear and sinus infections, common colds, flu, vertigo, tinnitus, mold exposure, brain fog, traumatic brain injuries, concussions and more.


Rectal Insufflation is the introduction of pure, medical-grade ozone directly into the colon. During your treatment, we administer approximately 200cc of ozone into the colon using a rectal catheter. This form of ozone therapy is unique in the fact that ozone is quickly and easily absorbed through the walls of the colon. Additionally, it can enter the bloodstream where it flows throughout the entire body.

Rectal insufflation therapy that is especially valuable for individuals suffering from illnesses or diseases that originate within the gut, colon, or liver. Rectal Insufflation is a safe and effective treatment that offers many benefits including the following:
decreases toxins found in the gut and body, boosts the immune system and immune response, restores gut health and function to an optimal state, reduces chronic inflammation throughout the body, kills bacteria, parasites, viruses, and yeast.


For current patients:
Ear insufflation – $60 – $90 (sliding scale)
Rectal insufflation – $60 – $90 (sliding scale)
Ozone water – 16oz – $15  
5 treatment package – includes ear and rectal insufflation. All packages must be used within 1 month.
$200 – $400 (sliding scale)

New to the Clinic:
Initial Consultation  (30 min.) – $60