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Eddie Rosen

People over profit.

Physical Therapist

Eddie has a broad-based general practice ranging from common musculoskeletal injuries and pain problems to orthopedic and neurologic rehabilitation, spinal pain, and complex pain problems. For years (45+ and no longer counting) Eddie has studied and used a wide variety of manual therapy/hands-on techniques. The approaches he uses are based upon biomechanics, anatomy, neurology, and the integral nature of human movement. He is frequently asked, “What do you call that?” referring to his techniques of practice. An orthopedist friend who has experienced his work and referred many patients identified it as it “integrative manual therapy” since his approach integrates a variety of manual therapies with the primary effect of helping clients move in a more integrated manner.

Perhaps his approach is best not labeled but understood through experience. Eddie’s aim is to restore a more normal quality of movement in the various bodily systems: skeletal, articular, muscular, fascial, and visceral. The objective is an improvement in function and a reduction in pain. Directed by highly practiced perceptions, he uses his hands to apply comfortable techniques that release movement-inhibiting restrictions. This allows an improvement in ease and coherence. The application of specific techniques is tailored to your particular needs and constitution. These range from highly subtle to direct and vigorous depending upon what will be most effective.

In the course of treatment, he will guide your perceptions and self-awareness to help you in your progress toward better movement. This improvement will continue long beyond the treatment sessions. He offers simple, specific corrective exercises and self-care suggestions as a home program.