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Health reparations for African, Black Americans and Indigenous & Native peoples

People over profit.

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There is no sufficient financial restitution for the violent physical, mental, cultural, and spiritual damage and trauma inflicted upon African, Black Americans, Indigenous and Native peoples over these many generations. Since each of these peoples have their own histories, we must be clear that the last 400+ years and sum of atrocities and violent harm to African, Black Americans, demands specific reparations. Our office lives and thrives on Miwok ancestral and tribal land. We acknowledge the genocide and displacement of Indigenous, and Native peoples since colonization and actively desire to build reparative relationships. May every attempt at reparation be a catalyst for truth telling, repair and contribution to the larger amount that is owed Miwok and all Indigenous and Native peoples.

SINCE 2019

Since 2019, we have humbly offered 190 appointments, equivalent to $38,000.00, in reparations to individuals and families. Each health reparation is offered with dignity, respect and compassionate care.